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Dan's 1967 R/T

I literally saved the R/T from being scrapped within 1 day!

    Here is the deal how I got the car. I used to have a 67 Coronet 440 Convertible Floida car. I saw an ad in the Milwaukee Journal, 67 R/T parts or whole $800, (thought cool, make mine up like an R/T conv!) I literally called the guy 20+ times before I actually made contact. he told me to come look at the car, about an hour away. I got to Milwaukee and couldnt find the guy's house. I finally called him up and he said that's ok, He sold the taillights interior, front clip to varios people. He said if I felt like I could stop and see if there is any other parts I need. At the last second I decided to stop seeing as the night was shot already. Got there and man, this thing was beautiful! No engine or trans , but VERY SOLID! Perfect intererior. They were going to chop it cause they cut the wheel wells years ago and thought it looked like crap and was unrepairable. It was his wifes car since 79 and this was 96. She was talking about how much fun the car was. I couldnt see it go. I told her she would have this shell of something she really loved, and she actually started to cry! I said what would it take to get this car? Guy said give me my asking price and I will refund the other people's money and hope they dont kill me! HAHAHA! then it was mine! HE EVEN delivered it! Anyway enough babbling.

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    Car is 67 R/T 440 floor shift automatic, very solid Wisconsin Survivor. Will be the original white with redlines and a red pinstripe. Red interior with high back seats. special 440 engine code, whatever that means. Performance suspension, all that cool stuff.