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Restoration: Body

March 1999 
 Pictures of the major bodywork that was started. The drivers side floor pan needed replacing and both quarter panels needed new metal! These were the only places that I thought needed metal work. Repair panels were installed and the seams were welded and smoothed inside and out! The yellow Dupont prime and seal will offer protection until the rest of the car is ready for priming and paint. New to the game and limited references I figured I was getting my moneys worth, or was I?
(Click on pics to Enlarge)
September 2001 
       Well when I started this project I thought I was on the right track, I hired references that I thought were the best in the area.  (Notice I said: "I thought") Now 3 years later I find out that I didn’t get the quality of repair that I was led to believe.  I wasn't really pleased with the way the overall project was heading. I had to stop, regroup and make a decision. The more I stripped off the car the bigger the problem became.  In the mean time, I met a friend that owns a “turn key” classic car restoration business locally that offered his help and advice. He has restored numerous cars including his own personnel 1967 Plymouth GTX (The R/T's sister car) to Concourse and had won his class at the Mopar Nationals! With his help and advice I started to rethink the overall restoration that I was seeking. As bad as I hated it, it was time to back way up. His recommendation after evaluating the car and evaluating the situation is to totally media blast the exterior and engine compartment of the R/T.  Also, to rework the quarter panels as well as both lower front fender areas. I will be showing you pictures of what I found along the way and the new improved restoration process my R/T is undergoing.  So, Live and Learn, and here I am.
What a mess!
Off to the blaster
Three days later, the car is media blasted to bare metal. 
Had no idea of how many pin holes were in the body that hadn’t surfaced yet!! 
I believe half of Pensacola Beach is inside.
Exterior body is derusted and base coat primed awaiting sheet metal parts from Year One. 
Check out my white walls. Nice huh!